DJ $hin - Samurai Seven (Limited Edition White) (7")
DJ $hin - Samurai Seven (Limited Edition White) (7")
DJ $hin - Samurai Seven (Limited Edition White) (7")

DJ $hin - Samurai Seven (Limited Edition White) (7")

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The third 7-inch edited by DJ $HIN "Samurai Seven" is limited press again with white vinyl specification.



Produced with 5 point marking system with scratch material set at the beginning with 5 points




The 7th inch 3rd "SAMURAI SEVEN" for Portable List by DJ / turntablelist "DJ $HIN" supervised by Japanese portable scratch scene!



This work following KAMIKAZE SEVEN, NINJASEVEN uses the popular SAMURAI BREAKS jacket image even at 12inch, but the recorded content is completely new!



We repeatedly conduct research on research from around the usual time, the battle breaks craftsman "DJ $HIN" accepted by both ourselves and others is the best sculpture choice, sound generation, placement, balance etc thought out on a portable scratch on the premise of using it is the best masterpiece .



Produced with a 5 point marking system unified with BPM 83, it is possible to crown at the star marking point. Portable list Required one! ! Limited production.




SIDE Œ_±•_öA•_ä: Skip Proof Scratch Contents Sample Play
1. Ahh Yo Yeah Fresh
2. Get Down Go
3. Kut Like That
4. Rock Da Beat
5. Like This
6. Butas

ŒÀ�•_öB•_ä: Skip Proof Scratch Contents Sample Play
1. Ahh Skratches Fresh
2. Hardcore Kuts
3. Get Funky Fresh
4. Wassup Punk
5. Get Down
6. Funky Drum




please note


åá This product is Battle Breaks (analog record). It is suitable for DJ battle, scratch, track making.


- Please keep it in a state that it stands straight (up to 10 sheets) or straight. Leaning diagonally or otherwise may cause warping of the board.


åá Please avoid high temperature. It may cause deformation.


* Except for initial malfunctions, we can not accept returns and exchanges due to warpage of the board, deformation.

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